Playing Live Dealer Super 6 on RealLiveDealer Casino

Live Dealer Super 6

You may be wondering what the casino game Super 6 is. As we ourselves had never heard of this game until we started playing at reallivedealer casinos. Presently, many live dealer casinos offer live dealer Super 6. So what actually is it and how does this game work?

Super 6 is an adaptation of baccarat which is gaining popularity. The reason for its fame is that it became more profitable to play than standard baccarat due to the enhanced odds the casino offers. Live dealer Super 6 is played similarly to baccarat with the exclusion of how winning “Banker” hands are paid. In standard baccarat, the victorious Banker hands are paid 10:11, and then the casino charges 5% as leverage when paying winning Banker bets.

Live Dealer Super 6

Granted that you bet on the Banker more than the player, the 5% can accumulate quite fast. When playing Super 6, even money is paid to winning Banker bets just like winning Player bets. Except that when the Banker wins with”6”. In the event the Banker wins the hand with a total of 6, winning banker bets are paid at 1:2, thus, you earn half of your bet back. While it appears like a lot, the Banker though doesn’t win with a 6 that regularly.

With the exclusion of how winning Banker bets are paid with a 6, the rest of the standard baccarat rules are applicable. When playing live dealer super 6, you begin by putting your bet on either the Banker or the Player. After that choice is final, the rest of the game is resolved by the dealer. The good thing is when playing at a live dealer casino, the computer is removed from the game and a real live person deals the cards. The computer program no longer determines the result but the cards themselves.

Winning in Live Super 6

The objective of the game is to triumph over the dealer. There is no exact technique you can use to play but the decisions you make wisely will boost your chances of earning a payout. The Banker has the lower house edge at just above 1%. Due to that fact, if you desire to place a bet with the highest probability to win, then you would bet on the Banker.

The hand worth the closest to 9 wins. If you bet the Banker and he/she has the best hand, then you win the bet. If you opted with the Player bet and you have the best hand, definitely you win!

Both the Player and Banker pay even money at 1:1. The moment there is a Tie, and you place the Tie wager, you will gain a payout of 8:1. However, there is an odd chance that the Tie will pay out, as it possesses a higher house edge.

Live Dealer Super 6

Side Bets on Super 6

Other than the three standard bets in Live Super 6, there are five side bets. Namely, the Super 6, Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair, and Dragon Bonus side bets.

  • Super 6

If you pick the Super 6 side bet, you are betting that the Banker will win with a score of 6. This side bet pays 12:1 if it wins

  • Dragon Bonus

This particular side bet pays on two various occasions. One, it pays when your hand is a Natural, and the other when you win by four or more points.

  • Player Pair

In this side bet, you wager that the Player’s initial two-card hand will be a pair (two cards of equal value). The payout in this is 11:1.

  • Banker Pair

In resemblance to the Player Pair side bet, the Banker’s initial two-card hand needs to be a pair for you to win the 11:1 payout.

  • Either Pair

If you’re tentative whether you prefer the Banker or the Player, this side bet works ideally for you. Simply bet on Either Pair, and you’ll earn 5:1 if either the Banker’s or Player’s initial two-card hand is a pair.

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