Is Online Casino Roulette Rigged?

online casino roulette

We all know that roulette is the second most favored casino game after blackjack. The game brings suspense as well as excitement to many gamblers, which can easily grab anyone’s attention. The game of roulette is a game of chance. The player either gets lucky, or unfortunate. Roulette is one of the simplest games in the casino. Despite how easy it is, there were incidents wherein casinos use magnets to manipulate the wheel. On the other hand, online casino roulette have similar rules and guidelines as the standard ones. 

Manipulations of the wheel could happen in the online platform of the casino industry. You will be acquainted with the virtual nature of online casinos and learn if you will have better chances of winning good value or the system is rigged as well.

Online Casino Roulette

The authentic game of roulette in online casinos enables the players to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars without leaving the comfort of their homes. Some players are dubious about its authenticity, which is the main reason why some do not sign up. However, it is natural to feel skeptical about this since it is hard to believe that one can earn loads of money by just clicking a button at your chosen online casino. Other than that, the flashing images and bright fonts used by some websites makes it more suspicious. 

Land Casinos versus Online Casinos

As a matter of fact, land casinos are more reliable than online casinos. Handing over your money to a faceless virtual entity and putting your faith and wages on an algorithm is highly risky and difficult. Games in land casinos are tangible and you can see how machines are operated by any host or dealer. 

The brighter side of online casinos is that you can stand a chance at winning the game with random number generators. One thing that both platforms are similar in is that the house always has the upper hand. The casino will establish a profit every time a player does not win, which will presume players that the game is rigged. 

Such belief will occur when the odds are not in your favor. Virtual roulette is easy to operate on which sector the wheel will land on, however the case is not the same when choosing on what option to bet on. Land-based casino games are harder to manipulate because you are physically present during the game.

online casino roulette

Do Land and Online Casinos Cheat?

There were incidents before wherein land-based casinos used magnets to manipulate the roulette wheels and where the ball will land. These cases usually take place in underground and illegal facilities. Legitimate and authentic casinos avoid doing these to prevent them from getting their license revoked. 

Online casinos and virtual roulettes are similar to these cases. All online casinos are required to be licensed by the respective board of their country and must follow the rules and regulations in order to operate legally. Both platforms have similar external supervision. 

Reputable online casinos operate random number generators that power the roulette wheels. These are just as dependable as the ones in the land casinos. In online casinos, random number generators only work after all bets have been placed by the players so that no person will know the outcome. 

Are online roulette rigged?

Fully licensed casinos have a slight possibility to rig roulette wheels. However it is way too risky for them to manipulate their machines. A highly experienced bettor can immediately determine if a game is rigged. Once licensed casinos were caught manipulating their system then their entire operation would be requested to shut down. In addition, this will cause lots of values placed by many bettors. One thing to remember is to stick with legitimate and reputable casinos and you will not have any problems.