How Do I Choose to Play a Hand in Blackjack?

Play a Hand in Blackjack

For newbie blackjack players, the most basic strategy encompasses the skill of identifying a soft hand from a hard one. In order to do this, simply look for the aces. A hard hand refers to dealt cards that have no aces, or if an ace is present, it’s worth one, instead of 11.  If this is the case, do not rely on aces to lower the value of your hand since there is a high probability of making a bust, which can occur once you surpass the 22 mark. The following are some tips on how to play a hand in Blackjack for those who are recently taking an interest in the game of blackjack.

On the other hand, a soft hand includes those that contain an ace but cannot be busted even when taking a hit.  Rather, this improves your current hand. This is because an ace in a soft hand can either count as one or eleven.  For example, your first card is a nine – you can make a hit, which can either give you a total of 20 once you catch an ace, or a bust if you receive a card other than that. 

Play a Hand in Blackjack: Always check the dealer’s face up card before you take action.

There is a tendency of his hand making a bust if his initial card’s value lies between 2 and 6.  This is a signal for you to not take any unnecessary risks. However, if it is anything 7 above, you can play the hand aggressively as you like.

Skip placing the side bet for insurance pays 2 to 1. 

Experienced players can tell you one thing in common: side bets usually give the casino the edge of almost 6%. This means that although you hit a classic, you only get a pay out of the original wager.

Be smart enough to take your time and don’t get burned.

Avoid the first chair as the dealer might be in a haste.  It is also important to keep in mind to start small.  Allow yourself to assess the flow of the game. Blackjack only becomes fun if you know the basic strategies and when to make a move.

  • Oh, and take a primer from a Blackjack expert.

John Marchell, a gambling expert, reveals some additional tips for blackjack beginners:“When your hand is somewhere between 12 through 16, while the dealer has 2 to 6, stand. Only make a hit if the dealer’s hand contains 7-ace. Do not forget to split aces and eights or double elevens against the dealer’s hand of 2-10, and double aces-six or make a hit.”

Russ Hamilton, Bryce Carlson, Arnold Snyder, Edward O. Thorp, and Don Johnson – they all have one skill in common to have their names landing in the hall of fame in the world of blackjack, and that is card counting.This is how they start off.

Blackjack for beginners is not as difficult as what others might think.  All it takes is a good memory work, a lot of practice and self-control once you start losing.

Play a Hand in Blackjack: Where Can I Practice Blackjack Online?

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