Tips to Earn Money on Roulette

tips to earn money on Roulette

If you play Roulette the wrong way, you will never be able to win cash in the long term. Optimal play style includes strategic betting systems, good bankroll management, and excellent use of the bonuses you get online. Use this guide to for tips to earn money on Roulette.

Tips to Earn Money on Roulette: A Realistic Approach to the Game

Luck has nothing to do with your undesirable results at the Roulette table. Although Roulette is a gambling game, where the house has an advantage over you, there is only one case when you’re entitled to blame your poor luck for your defeats.

That is when:

  • You gamble with the best Roulette strategy
  • You are aware of the rules of the game
  • You’re a pro in managing your bankroll
  • You can determine the odds of each bet within seconds

In all the other cases, the principal obstacle that separates you from some great Roulette wins is not your poor luck, it is your game style.

The secret to winning more on the Roulette wheel is to acknowledge your limits and work hard to fill your gaps. You cannot win at Roulette if you do not know the rules of the game and you would never end a session in the black if you do not use the correct bankroll management strategies and play style. Understanding the basics is the best way to be successful at gambling.

We are all in it for the excitement and the thrill of the game. After all, is not playing Roulette so much fun that we enjoy ourselves even when we lose? But give the rules of Roulette a good look, it will be worth your while.

When you already know how the roulette wheel works, go to the most important part of the game, which is  “How the roulette wheel looks”.

tips to earn money on Roulette

The Layout of the Roulette Wheel 

While all Roulette wheels would look the same at the beginning, you must learn to know how to spot the right game if you have a desire to win more.

If you do not know the differences between European and American Roulette, this advice alone will change your game forever.

Only play games that use the European Roulette. This slot grows the house edge and lessens your chances to win. The American Wheel only features one additional green slot, the ’00’

If you gamble at a Casino where European Roulette is not an option, your choice is much easier: Don’t play Roulette at all. Because if you play American Roulette you will surely lose your money.

European Roulette

When the game was introduced in France, back in 1700, the wheel had two zeroes. That is when the Germans came around. When German casinos started to compete against the casinos in France, they decided to make a different version of the game.

To give their players more chances to win at Roulette, they removed a zero and changed the layout of the wheel. Their new version (today’s European Roulette) became extremely popular right away as it came with a more favorable house advantage.

The American Roulette

This is why you should not play the American roulette wheel. This got nothing to do with the strategies on how to succeed at the roulette wheel. This is all about the one thing you must never forget to use when you gamble at casinos, common sense.

The American Roulette wheel has two zeroes, the green slots, that increases the advantage of the casino. Unfortunately for you, the American Roulette is a popular variant of the game.

And now that you are informed that it is a game that features a higher-than-usual house edge, you will not be surprised to notice that many casinos place these games right in the most visible areas of the Casino floor.

Casinos wish players would pick these Roulette games over what would be a smarter choice, the European roulette.