Are Live Dealer Casinos Bias? A Revelation!

Are live dealer casinos bias? What is the advantage of playing at a live dealer casino table over an internet casino game? There are many and one of them is the advantage of being able to ask questions of the dealer, either before the hand or immediately after the hand. Questions that you might not get answers for in an online casino can be answered during a live dealer game. This is possible because the dealer is actually there playing the game in front of you and therefore knows how it is to feel like to deal with certain players, certain games and in general the way people play online casino games.

The biggest problem with some live dealer casinos is they can become impatient with the crowd or players and sometimes they call time in when a particular player is taking too long in making a decision. This can annoy other players. Sometimes they may call the hand before the flop and call it on the flop but the players believe that there was nothing wrong with the flop and so they bet out. If the dealer calls, the crowd may start yelling and this is quite stressful for the live dealer. I know a few dealers who walk away from the table angry and upset at their players for betting and calling before the flop, sometimes in multiples of 10s!

Live Dealer Casinos Bias: The Ways To Overcome Its Issues

So what is the solution to the above problem? Well the first thing to do is not to trust your ears, listen to the words the live dealer is saying. And this is not as easy as it sounds because you have to trust the words he is saying and be able to interpret them. If you do not know what a good live dealer is saying, you will have to rely on the judgment of other players. This means you have to wait until you hear other players talking about the same game before judging whether they are right or wrong.

Another way to overcome the issue of dealer bias is to make sure that the dealer knows what is going on. Do not trust every single bet that is being made because the dealer has a hidden agenda. Watch his reactions and check whether he is folding or raising. This can be done simply by watching the hands on the flop and when he raises, move your money to something else. Do the same for folding.

If you do not know a lot about the game, a live dealer table would be advantageous for you. However, the problem is not always knowing how the dealer makes his decisions. It can be very hard to do, but it is possible. This is because the dealer does not always use the same numbers on the flop and at the end of the game; hence his numbers are different from the rest of the players.

There are many sites which allow you to test out different live dealers. This way you will get the chance to know your dealer a bit more and see if he makes mistakes. Of course you cannot expect him to bet exactly for you, but you will get an idea of how he calculates the odds and how he comes up with his choices. Another advantage of using a live dealer casino table is that it gives you a chance to see how people play with the wheel, and you can therefore make more informed decisions. You will also learn more about how people fold, when they should fold and when they should keep playing.

Another thing you can look out for when you are trying to figure out whether casino staff is playing your cards or not is dealer bias. What you need to remember is that the casino staff can be given specific incentives or bonuses to play a specific game. This means that if they are good in slot games, they could be given a bonus in poker where they can win real money. This can easily be used to skew the results of a live dealer table.

In Conclusion

There are some definite advantages of using a live dealer casino table at your casino. However, it is also fair to say that there can be plenty of dealer bias and other factors that can help a player or dealer win or lose a game. You have to weigh all of these factors before choosing to play in a dealer-less casino.