The Most Important Live Dealer Casino Tricks

Live Dealer Casino Tricks

One of the most important live dealer casino tricks that most players do not do enough is keeping an eye on the cards. A lot of players, including me at one time in my life, would wait for the other players to call before we actually played our hand. If the dealer was calling and we had a high hand, we would usually call without waiting for the other players to call first. Of course this was bad because we would usually lose big money. The main reason that this works is that when the other players are calling, you have less of a chance of having to call, as well as have a lesser chance of keeping the pot smaller than when you are playing with no one else around.

Live Dealer Casino Tricks That Players Should Know

Now that I am a better player, I always call when the dealer calls. But it is also good to know when the dealer is bluffing. Some people will call pre-flop when they should have folded. Then there are those who will call pre-flop when they have a hand that may beat their opponent’s hand at the flop. Knowing when the dealer is bluffing is key in becoming successful at Texas Holdem Poker.

This is probably the easiest way to figure out if a dealer is bluffing. When you play a live dealer game, you will notice that the dealer will usually fold his entire hand on the flop or after the flop. On many occasions you will see that your opponents will call and then immediately flop without having their hands full. Also, you will notice that they will put their cards on the table after betting and then immediately split the bets between the two players.

Now that we know that the live dealer is doing his job, what does he do? Well, he goes to the river and starts to play the game. What you want to do is make him fold his cards so that you can bet. But most often, a good live dealer will hold on to his cards and wait for you to start betting. This gives you enough time to call him and play against him.

Another important trick to learn when playing Texas Holdem is how to play your hands together. This means that you should fold your hands together. Sometimes you will see that your opponents will call with a strong hand and then immediately set after calling. You should fold your hand, then call with the strongest hand you have. This makes the dealer think that you are throwing money around, and it causes him to hold on to his money.

One of the best tricks that you can use as a low-stakes player is to play your hand like you would in a full ring game. Instead of betting and raising the bet, simply fold your hand when you hit the flop. This allows you to have more chips, which allows you to play more poker chips at a time.

The last of the important tricks to know is to watch out for your dealer. If a dealer is calling and raising without showing any signs of fear, you should fold. Watch out for raised cards as well. Sometimes the dealers will start betting high before the flop and will raise after the flop when you have few cards to play with. You should fold immediately and call when you have a good amount of chips.


If you are serious about playing, you should practice often. Get the most from your every hand by studying how your opponents play. Take note of the times when you call with marginal hands and fold without having a profitable hand. By doing this, you will be able to improve your chances of winning big in the future.