Live Dealer Casino: Top 5 Gambling Habits of Successful Gamblers

Gambling Habits of Successful Gamblers

A few good gambling habits of successful gamblers to do in live dealer casinos are simple but are not easy to do and maintain. This list is not exhaustive and you might add or subtract any of the Top 5 habits from the list as you personally go through your gambling experience and decide for yourself on how you can improve your gambling skills. There are however some top habits that top dealers in live casinos keep and there are some that they tend to overlook and pass up. The ones listed below are my personal opinions, as I have had first hand experience with some of them. 

Top 5 Good Gambling Habits of Successful Gamblers To Do In Live Dealer Casinos

One of the top five good gambling habits of successful gamblers to do in a live dealer room is to check the time and the temperature of the dealer room before you place your bet. When the dealer hits his / her rhythm, the temperature of the dealer room should be at least room temperature, or slightly warmer, but never hotter. This is important because the heat of the dealer’s card table can affect your ability to read the cards and your decisions. The same goes for the sound of the dealer’s voice. The sound of a fast or rough hand on the card table can also be unsettling.

Another good habit to do in a live dealer room is to always check the time and temperature outside of the card room before you place your bets. This is a very important habit and should never be overlooked. There are many different factors that can and do affect your ability to make decisions quickly. One such factor is whether you are betting for real money or play for play money. If you are playing for real money then the heat and temperature of the outside environment can and do affect your decisions and your speed of decision making. Playing for play money however, will not affect your decisions and your speed of decision making in the same way.

A good habit to get into when playing poker, blackjack, or any other game, is to place your bets in the betting round or range before you ever look at the cards. This is a good habit because by looking at the cards first, you are less likely to be tempted to pick a card that you do not want to call. A common mistake in poker and blackjack is people betting when they haven’t fully looked at their cards yet and sometimes by accident.

Another good habit to get into is to always bet the same number on every hand. For example, if you are betting one red pocket card, always bet the same amount on every hand. This is another good habit because it reduces the chances of someone calling you with a better card than the one you have already picked out. It can be very frustrating when this happens. Always remember though, that if you lose the pot, you still need to bet the amount of the loss, including any fees. This is a big mistake many people make, but it’s also an important one to get into because it will reduce your winnings and raise the odds of winning.

Last in my top five list is it must be made of good card choices. People often bet depending on which card is available to them, and while this sometimes works, you usually do not win long term if this is your only method of choosing your cards. When betting, it is usually best to choose a card or set of cards and stay with them. If you change your mind after you have already picked them, you may find yourself out of money very quickly and out of games quickly as well.

Betting on Your Top 5 Cards is a Key to More Winnings

In general, the top five cards must be held even after you have already placed your bets. Staying with your top five and doing your final bet(s) with those cards will keep you in the money and keep you from having to constantly change your card’s mid-game. Changing your cards mid game is a sure way to get yourself out of the money quickly and to lose the bet, so sticking with your top five and betting those cards will get you into profit very quickly. And that’s the goal of betting, to eventually make a profit and stay in the game.

It takes some time to develop good habits, especially when you are first starting out. Be patient and you will reap the rewards of making money. And in time, your habit of only betting with your top five cards should grow into a good habit, and you won’t need to look at those top five cards to decide what you’re going to bet on. You should be able to rely on your instincts alone, and that will keep you in the game and will get you into profits sooner than you ever thought possible.