The Top 3 Best Horse Race Betting Apps In 2021

Horse Race Betting Apps

If you love to bet on horses and have made the choice to take your love of equine sports to the real world with horse race betting, it is very important that you consider a variety of different horse racing betting apps that are available today. There are many free to download horse race betting apps but not all of them offer the same benefits or features. This is why it is important to consider the various horse race betting options so that you can make an informed decision about which equine app will best suit your needs and betting style. Let’s look at what some of the most popular horse racing betting apps have to offer:

Best Horse Race Betting Apps You Can Place Your Bet

First and foremost, there is the official iPhone App for horse racing. This application allows you to bet on the races from anywhere in the world. You can simply use this application on your iPhone and view your bets as they happen. Once the race is over, you can even print out your results and analysis to take it to the track and verify your success. This is one of the best horse racing betting apps because it allows you to stay in touch with your results throughout the season. It is also free, so what more could you ask for?

The second horse racing app that you may want to check out is the desktop application. You can download this desktop application to your computer so that you can have full control of your horse racing campaign. This application allows you to import recent form scores as well as monitor the progress of each horse in daily races. It also offers you the ability to track your top three picks as well as making custom picks for next week’s racing.

Another horse racing app that is widely used and loved by punters is the online version. This software is the perfect companion to the iPhone App for horse racing. Because you can log into your account at any time throughout the day and track your bets without being online, you can be far more relaxed when making your decision on which horse will be the winner of a particular race. For example, if you feel that a particular horse is a strong contender but you don’t want to go out and put real money on it, you can simply log onto your computer and have the race results emailed to your email, where you can then review them at a later time.

Useful Software Program For Betting Strategies

For the horse players who are looking for some solid strategy and long-term planning tools, there is the horseracing Pro version. This software is designed to help professional punters plan their long-term horse race betting strategies and techniques. For beginners, it is a good idea to try out the free trial of this software before purchasing so that you can see whether or not it is right for you. The free trial is available for a period of 30 days and you can get the chance to evaluate the software and see how it works for you. Of course, this is one of the most popular horse race betting apps, since it helps punters make profitable bets consistently. The Pro version also comes with bonuses such as winning picks, top tips, and more. 

Another good software program for horse players is the GG. This is a system created by Matthew Scolds and Andy James for use by punters who want to learn how to develop a profitable handicapping system based on past performance. Handicapping systems using past performances have proven to be extremely successful for several years and this software is designed to teach users how to adapt these methods to the changing trends in the race track. It is important for these types of systems to be up to date and this software is capable of providing this for its users. However, just like the Pro version, the free trial of theGG is also available for users to test it and decide whether or not it is for them.

The third program we are going to look at is called GGTracker. It is another great piece of software that is relatively inexpensive. Unlike many other racing handicapping products, this software is very easy to install and run. It is compatible with both Macs and PCs and provides its users with the option of either keeping their previous results, or receiving updated results based on real bets from last season.

The last of the horse race software programs we are going to look at is called Handicapping Workbench. It is created by Aidan Johnson, who is also the owner of Horse Racing Secrets. This software is aimed at beginners and pro players who need assistance in making the right selections and breaking down the various systems used to handicap horse races. In addition, this toolbox also features a selection of top tips, as well as some “hot” tips and tricks to help racers pick winners. Handicapping Workbench is definitely worth checking out if you want to improve your horse racing skills.