How to Beat the Game of Blackjack Without Counting Cards with these Two Methods

game of blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular card game in the gambling industry that requires luck and an effective strategy. The game is truly iconic, making it the ultimate challenge in the casino. The game of blackjack is one of the few gambling activities in which you could actually earn a living. 

Game of Blackjack

Card counting is a method that is applied in blackjack. A method in which players keeps track of the remaining high or low value of cards in the dealer’s deck. Despite being an effective strategy, it is possible to beat blackjack without counting cards. Failing to win in blackjack is not an option for most gamblers. This motivates such individuals to seek different strategies. Strategies on how to defeat blackjack in just two methods without the use of card counting.

  • Ace Sequencing

A technique in blackjack known as shuffle tracking. A strategy wherein a player keeps track of the sequence of certain cards throughout a series of shuffles. Ace sequencing is one form of shuffle tracking. Unlike the standard technique, ace sequencing enables player to remember the card on top of the ace in the deck. However, this kind of strategy is as difficult to learn as shuffle tracking. It takes a while to become a best ace tracker. The materials are much more limited compared to the standard technique.  

If a player gets dealt with an ace car, he is able to have a 50% advantage on the house. There is a 31% chance of getting a 10-value card as well, resulting in a natural blackjack. Discarded segments must be focused during the game once you apply ace sequencing. This way you will be able to identify the intact clumps that will appear after a good shuffle. You might also pay attention to the aces placed on the discard tray. These aces will serve as a guide to determining an ace in a segment. 

The best ace trackers are able to memorize up to dozen card sequences. This improves their skills and increases their chances to win the game. However, ace sequencing is similar to shuffle tracking wherein it does not work on a table with CSM.

game of blackjack

  • Edge Sorting

Edge Sorting is a shifty method in blackjack. It is wherein gamblers take advantage of recognizing irregularities in the print located behind the cards. This technique was popularized by professional poker player Phil Ivey together with his partner Cheung Yin Sun. The well-known poker player won over $20 million collectively from Crockfords and the Borgata. This extraordinary event has caused casino securities to heavily scrutinize the player’s case, resulting in a lawsuit.

This just proves that the edge sorting technique is possible to beat the game of blackjack. By spotting irregularities at the back of cards, players able to predict the value of the cards before they’re dealt. However, these irregularities cannot easily be distinguished in any deck of cards present in the casino.

Design Flaws

Each specific manufactured deck contains design flaws and where they are usually used. Such flaws are as follows:

  • Half-diamonds can be found on the edge of one side of certain back card
  • Some cards feature full diamonds on the edges
  • Such irregularities are easily distinguished when it is rotated towards you
  • The purpose here is to determine which value has an irregular diamond pattern

Ivey specifically requested that cards are to be rotated at 180 degrees in order to see the diamond patterns easily. However, the professional player is a high-stakes gambler that can easily sway other people. An average gambler cannot simply ask for this kind of request. This requests will raise suspicions in the crowd and the casino security. 

The choice of becoming a professional gambler is unfortunately not easy but it is definitely not impossible too. Learning the basic strategy in blackjack and playing some low-stakes can help you develop into a better gambler. It can help you get higher chances of getting an edge in casinos.