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Play Live Baccarat Squeeze

An original product of Evolution Gaming, the new and state of the art Live Dealer Baccarat Squeeze is only available via the company’s online casinos. The good news for those who wish to play this game is an updated version, you ca play live Baccarat Squeeze now. It can be accessed in the major platforms of the live dealer software suite.

Baccarat squeeze can be played almost the same with any variant of Baccarat. You choose from the same options; either the Player or the Banker to get the total closest to a  value of 9. You need to choose whether to wager on the Player, the Banker, or the Tie.

How to play Live Baccarat Squeeze

The game is close to the classic Baccarat games enjoyed worldwide, with the addition of using top of the line camerawork to make the card squeeze sequence. Evolution Gaming also has their own rules for this game.

Traditional Baccarat games are also featured in our website. They can check out live games to have a better experience. Once you’ve gotten used to the game, you will soon get the hang of playing Baccarat Squeeze online.

Decks Utilized and Card Values

It is still the same with the classic Baccarat game with a deck of 52 cards, with the addition of an 8 deck shoe used with the different deals.

Cards from 2 to 9 have a value same as their number, Aces are considered as 1, while 10s and cards are at 0 value.

You add the total number on your hand to get the value of your cards. In Baccarat the total value cannot reach double digits. When you exceed 10, then the left digit will be subtracted from the total value. 7 and 8 would add up to 15, but in Baccarat, you get rid of the 1 and end up with just 5.

Play Live Baccarat Squeeze

Goal of Live Dealer Baccarat Squeeze

Your goal in playing Baccarat squeeze is the same with the classic Baccarat games. You either put your money on the Banker or the Player and hope that your choice has the hand with the total value closest to 9.

Players have 3 options to bet on the Player, the Banker or the Tie. A Tie happens when the Banker or the Player has identical hands. The Banker and Player both get 2 cards at the start of the game, and there is an option to get a 3rd card depending on their hands.

Squeezing the Card

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, what exactly is squeezing in Baccarat Squeeze? The Squeezing part comes when it’s time to draw the 3rd card to determine the winner of the deal. Expert Baccarat players enjoy squeezing the 3rd card as slowly as they can to keep the suspense going, before the big revelation of the results.

Not all cards will be squeezed in the game, but only the one hand of who the players wagered on the most will have the privilege of getting their 3rd card squeezed.

Live Baccarat Squeeze Outcomes

The standard table scheme in Baccarat Squeeze is used to settle all the bets. Like in most games a 5% commission for winning bankers is utilized in Baccarat Squeeze.

This commission is possible because the Banker has better odds in winning than the Player. Wagering your $10 on the Banker whose hand value is at 8, beating the Player’s hand with a value of 6, you will get a total of $9.50 rather than an equal $10.

Examining Past Hands

To prove that the game is fair, and to satisfy questions from doubting players, Baccarat Squeeze has a sharp and systematic count of their results from past hands. This is also called a “road map” which keeps track if the Banker or the Player won the deal. The total of their hands are also monitored to show legitimacy.

Road maps used in Baccarat Squeeze are:

  • Bead Road

  • Big Road

  • Big Eye Boy Road

  • Small Road

  • Cockroach

Wagering on the Banker is the best way to win in Baccarat Squeeze. The 5% commission is worth getting on the Banker’s back rather than the low odds of the Player. The difference between both edge rates is still important.

Play Baccarat Squeeze at casino and experience the real atmosphere of a gambling den in Vegas.