Baccarat Odds and Playing Tips

Baccarat Odds and Playing Tips

Baccarat has long been associated as a game that has nobility in nature and clever tactics. However, as opposed to this prominent description of the game, it doesn’t necessarily require you to be savvy to win at real live dealer casino. In reality, nowadays, Baccarat in most casinos present some of the most favorable chances of winning to the point that a basic understanding of the rules and poise are all that players practically need. Below are some Baccarat odds and tips that can help you learn the game more.

One thing to ensure and always bear in mind that the ability to ‘side with the dealer’ is Baccarat’s favorable house edge which is at the same time a rare option being presented with casino games that can make you in opposition with other players. 

The Rules

Baccarat, that includes all versions, has practically a simple concept.  Once bets are laid, two cards will be distributed by the banker or also known as the dealer, among him/herself and each of the other players.Whichever hand totals closest to nine, wins. In some instances, a third card may be dealt but that depends on the sum of the initial deal.

Cards are valued as follows:

  • Ace = 1
  • 2-9 = face value
  • 10 = 0
  • Face cards = 0

Baccarat Odds

Baccarat Odds: Game Strategy

Most baccarat games have no strategy and drawing rules (being executed by the dealer) will decide whether a third card needs to be dealt or not. Whether the player or banker scores eight or nine, both will stand.

Otherwise, players with five or more will stand and players with five of less will hit. The banker at all times hits with player scores of two or less, or:

  • on three unless the player scores eight
  • four if player scores two to seven, or a face card
  • on five if player scores four to seven
  • on six if player scores six or seven

Odds and Betting

Still, there are areas that a player can realistically influence their chances of winning. Picking their table wisely, placing bets on the most probable outcomes and maintaining composure which means avoiding panic betting on high odds outcomes. So to make this possible, it’s essential to know what the likelihood of any given betting results are.

When playing a game with the conventional eight decks of cards in a shoe, the odds are for a banker/dealer win, a player win, and tie. In some six deck games, players can place their bet on any hand containing a pair. Consider the following odds and payouts on each scenario:

  • Banker/Dealer Win = 0.458 (Pays 0.95/1)
  • Player Win = 0.446 (Pays 1/1)
  • Tie = 0.095 (Pays 8/1 or 9/1)
  • Any Pair = 0.074 (Pays 11/1)

Meaning the house edge is 1.06% on banker bets, 1.24% on player bets, 14.36% on tie bets, and 11.25% on pair bets. Therefore, the banker bet constitutes the best bet value in baccarat, notwithstanding some players considering bad baccarat etiquette in order to ‘side with the dealer’. 

In numerous casinos, banker bets pay 1/1 although liability for commission is expected. Usually this adds up to 5% of winnings, resulting in basically 0.95/1 payout. Though some casinos may charge lower rates of commission. Playing at these tables will improve payouts and lower the house edge even more on banker bets.

Moreover, if a casino utilizes fewer than eight decks, the house edge when backing the banker diminishes. While increases the edge when backing the player and a tie. So there’s always of great value in checking how many decks are in a shoe when joining a table.

Baccarat Odds: The Exception

Big table, midi and mini baccarat always follows the arrangement outlined above. A number of European casinos however, particularly in France, will play Chemin de Fer, a version of baccarat, where the player can decide whether to accept a third and fourth card or not. In such games, rules similar to blackjack should be established when deciding whether to hit or stand in order to exploit a deal.